Commissions Full!

All slots have been filled! Thanks a bunch everyone! Hope to open more soon after this batch is done! 

Hi everyone! I’m opening up some commissions! There will be 5 slots open for the time being. 

OC’s are fine, just please include reference images. The more thorough the better! I won’t be taking mech, anthro, or R18 commissions, however.
If you are interested, please email me at
After I OK your commission please paypal me in full!

Sprites: $10 
(examples above)
       - $20 for simple scenery background up to 250 x 150 px in dimension
       - $ 5 for each additional character
       - $ 5 per character for simple animation (blinking, bounce, etc.)
Portraits: $30 (x) (x) (x)
       - $15 for additional characters
       - $ 5 for simple animation 
Full Body: $35 (x) (x) (x)
       -$15 for additional characters
       -$ 5 for simple animation 
250 x 150 px Scenery: $40 (x) (x) (x)
       - $ 5 for simple animation 

weekend wind down

it begins!! happy 31 days of halloween

ye ol workspace

aaaand warm ups pt. 2

warm ups from the past few days 


quick doodles from last night ☼


twitter doodle! no underclassmen allowed  

more messing with simple palettes.
ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ʷᵒʳᵏˢᵖᵃᶜᵉˢ ˢʰʰʰ