Title: Get Lucky (8-bit Level 1 Mix) Artist: Daft Punk (Feat. James Roach) 94,353 plays


Daft Punk - Get Lucky

I really love making chiptune versions of pop songs

adorable track art by Amanda

made a background tile for my twitter!


separates over here

loot meme


boring sketches sorry sorry


Before I leave for new year’s celebrations!

Just wanted to say a big ol’ thank you to the wonderful friends I have made this year! Ya’ll are cuties and made 2012 perfect with a capital P. :’)

(kinda?) finished up a sketch I posted on twitter a few days ago. 

and now for something completely different


For an anon that asked if I had any Strider sprites. I made them a while ago, but I guess I deleted it since I delete everything at some point.