Before I leave for new year’s celebrations!

Just wanted to say a big ol’ thank you to the wonderful friends I have made this year! Ya’ll are cuties and made 2012 perfect with a capital P. :’)

(kinda?) finished up a sketch I posted on twitter a few days ago. 

and now for something completely different


For an anon that asked if I had any Strider sprites. I made them a while ago, but I guess I deleted it since I delete everything at some point.



Christmas is just around the corner,
 but what do you get the man who has everything? A chiptune album!

It’s finally here! CHIPPOP is the latest Album from everyone’s favorite composer and amateur stuntman James Roach! With an awesome cover by the extremely talented  and lovely artist Merrigo, there’s something for everyone who loves chiptune or cool art!

Hey everyone! My album is finally done! Thanks to those of you who camped out to buy it at midnight (camped out in your room) (where you would have probably been anyway) (just let me have this) 

You guys have been on me to do a fakechip album for a while now! So this ones dedicated to you guys, the brave stalwart handsome fans who put up with me day in and day out!

I’m a million hours late to the party but whatever ITS HERE HURRAY! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”





Into chiptunes? Check out my buddy James’ album to be released on Dec. 11th! It will be available on HIS BANDCAMP! You should definitely also follow HIS TUMBLR for other musics and stuff! He’s pretty freakin’ great. :D

Music by James

Background art by Merrigo

Animation by Tate



People asked for a Derse version, so have a photoset!

Looks like some kinda pokemon thing like..
"Dude I bought Derse Obsidian and you have Prospit Gold wanna trade items?"



wow ok i’m never gonna fix this so I guess I’ll put this back. ´_`)

(via samkind)


so merrigo’s picture of all her pixelled images of the troll girls and beta girls are completely adorable and i admire her skill, so with her design, i made a sprite version, one with and one without a background. even though im not too good with pixeling, i feel more than proud with them.

aaaa I can’t even word this properly! I just love it! 
Thank you, friend! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* 

yo yo yo tomodachis.
pick up yo sprites.

ye buddy hold those hands

Anonymous asked: What does your work space look like if you dont mind sharing?

I am happy to announce my upgrade from bed to table in the last couple of months.

Anonymous asked you:

Can you give a tutorial or progress shots of how you draw hair? 

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