Been awhile since I’ve posted anything! Drew this back before we met these guys officially, so I guess now is about a good a time as any to post. :o

Last ones! 

Part 2!

Part 1

Part 1 of the sprites.

Part 2

…aaand for the anon that asked for the fronts of all of them.

Edits were done to Rufioh and Horuss after I made’m so sorry if you were looking for the ones that showed up in the update! :o 

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I’m just going to compile all of the recent replies into one post for convenience, so here you all go ヽ(´ ¬`):

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Anonymous asked: so since you designed the walking sprites, is latula wearing a long shirt or a dress, and skinny jeans or leggings?

I was asked to make a one piece body suit. Her and Mituna have matching rad suits. ☆


so now I can tell you guys what the favorite thing I worked on was.


answerin’ some more asks under the cut—-

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Gosh dang what an awesome con yesterday was!

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Anonymous asked: thank you for the sprites, they are so rad!

Glad you like them! 

:o: [S] A6I3 ›


Some notes about the interactive beginning to A6 Intermission 3. (A walkthrough by Radiation.)

First, I’d originally planned to put more in the game than this, but it was running a bit long, so I decided to chop it up. I’m planning two more installments of this game, probably to be…

Pleasure was mine!
Job well done to everyone involved with this!