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I almost forgot it was 4/13!!! (tomorrow) Yeah! merrigo and I did a little video for you!

This track is so nostalgic man. I miss homestuck, but I’m like so far removed from the fandom and stuff now I feel like its been enough time and I can get into it again.

art by merrigo

music by soselfimportant

Download link in video description

original by Mark Hadley available for purchase here!

teeny robots

thanks for comin to the stream, friends!

also tiny magical girls

fight me and my lamp

Along with the cover, I did the Kaepora track art for Album 7! yay yay yay

little something I did for this lovely mix!


some of the things i made for the other thing !


Took the original theme from the pilot to Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar ( and made it a chiptune track! 

Art by

Music by

Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar!

quick doodle of best pokemon

For an anon and anyone else that wanted sprites separated! ’  ’)b

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ac stickers for AX!