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boring sketches sorry sorry


(kinda?) finished up a sketch I posted on twitter a few days ago. 


For an anon that asked if I had any Strider sprites. I made them a while ago, but I guess I deleted it since I delete everything at some point.


People asked for a Derse version, so have a photoset!

Looks like some kinda pokemon thing like..
"Dude I bought Derse Obsidian and you have Prospit Gold wanna trade items?"



wow ok i’m never gonna fix this so I guess I’ll put this back. ´_`)

(via habaebti)

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything! Drew this back before we met these guys officially, so I guess now is about a good a time as any to post. :o

Last ones! 

Part 2!

Part 1

Part 1 of the sprites.

Part 2

…aaand for the anon that asked for the fronts of all of them.

Edits were done to Rufioh and Horuss after I made’m so sorry if you were looking for the ones that showed up in the update! :o