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I almost forgot it was 4/13!!! (tomorrow) Yeah! merrigo and I did a little video for you!

This track is so nostalgic man. I miss homestuck, but I’m like so far removed from the fandom and stuff now I feel like its been enough time and I can get into it again.

art by merrigo

music by soselfimportant

Download link in video description

original by Mark Hadley available for purchase here!

boring sketches sorry sorry


(kinda?) finished up a sketch I posted on twitter a few days ago. 


For an anon that asked if I had any Strider sprites. I made them a while ago, but I guess I deleted it since I delete everything at some point.


People asked for a Derse version, so have a photoset!

Looks like some kinda pokemon thing like..
"Dude I bought Derse Obsidian and you have Prospit Gold wanna trade items?"



wow ok i’m never gonna fix this so I guess I’ll put this back. ´_`)

(via samkind)

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything! Drew this back before we met these guys officially, so I guess now is about a good a time as any to post. :o

Last ones! 

Part 2!

Part 1

Part 1 of the sprites.

Part 2