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lets read our coffee grounds


(wait wait the template)

warmup compilation from the past few daysss 


Album 7 is a free chiptune cover album available here right now! Including art by, Merrigo, BwoltjenBanavalope and Onihat, its the perfect gift for yourself this cyber monday!

If its SO “”“FREE””“” why does it say $3 huh buddy?

Each track can be downloaded for free individually! I would really appreciate it though, if you threw me a few dollars to help me out with bills the holiday season! You got holiday cheer don’t ya, PUNK?

Why Album 7?

Naming albums is like SUPER hard

I’ve heard all of this before!

Man theres only 12 notes what do you want from me! Haha, if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably heard WIPs of these, or if you’ve been following my tumblr I’ve posted low-quality mp3s or youtube videos this is some high quality stuff like 9 whole bits dude.

This isn’t 8-bit why in fact it doesn’t even use the proper….


tada festive twitter header

Finally got to finish this submission to the PixelZine! aaaahhhh!

p-p-p-progress shots.
Something I’ve been workin’ on for this cool project.
Haven’t decided on some of the details, but I dig what I got so far.

saving color palettes for later o/

need to clean up my desk

my friends and I decided to draw our outfit line ups for ax.
u pumped? im pumped. 
pumped to meet you guys. ’  ’)b 

made a background tile for my twitter!


loot my corpse meme