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Commissions Full!

All slots have been filled! Thanks a bunch everyone! Hope to open more soon after this batch is done! 

Hi everyone! I’m opening up some commissions! There will be 5 slots open for the time being. 

OC’s are fine, just please include reference images. The more thorough the better! I won’t be taking mech, anthro, or R18 commissions, however.
If you are interested, please email me at
After I OK your commission please paypal me in full!

Sprites: $10 
(examples above)
       - $20 for simple scenery background up to 250 x 150 px in dimension
       - $ 5 for each additional character
       - $ 5 per character for simple animation (blinking, bounce, etc.)
Portraits: $30 (x) (x) (x)
       - $15 for additional characters
       - $ 5 for simple animation 
Full Body: $35 (x) (x) (x)
       -$15 for additional characters
       -$ 5 for simple animation 
250 x 150 px Scenery: $40 (x) (x) (x)
       - $ 5 for simple animation 

Anonymous asked: Out of curiosity! Have you read Super dangan ronpa 2? If so, are you planning on making similar sprites as you did with the others?

I have! As for sprites, I don’t think I’ll be making any though. Kinda was more attached to the first dr than the second, so I’m not too motived to make another set. : (

Anonymous asked: can i use that 8bit game opening to my snk game if i put credits to you ?

No, sorry I’d rather it not be used!
It was made specifically for someone, so I’d rather it not be used elsewhere. 

Anonymous asked: This might come off as a silly question but how do you make that? All the pixels and stuff, like, the pretty girls and then the sprites? I've been wanting to try something like that out for a while, but I don't have a drawing tablet just yet. If nothing else—what program do you use? (Thanks!)

I use photoshop cs5 for everything and a wacom bamboo fun tablet, nothin too fancy. 

But no it’s not a silly question! Uh, I’m not the best at really explaining how I do stuff, and I don’t think I do anything any special from anyone else? I’ve linked the same coloring process stuff every time i’ve been asked just cause I think thats the best I’ll ever get at explaining, and I think tutorials else where explain it waaaay better then I ever could!

Anonymous asked: can we use your pixels as sidebars? c:

yeah! if it’s fanart, go for it.

Anonymous asked: What does your work space look like if you dont mind sharing?

I am happy to announce my upgrade from bed to table in the last couple of months.

Anonymous asked you:

Can you give a tutorial or progress shots of how you draw hair? 

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I’m just going to compile all of the recent replies into one post for convenience, so here you all go ヽ(´ ¬`):

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Anonymous asked: so since you designed the walking sprites, is latula wearing a long shirt or a dress, and skinny jeans or leggings?

I was asked to make a one piece body suit. Her and Mituna have matching rad suits. ☆



answerin’ some more asks under the cut—-

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Gosh dang what an awesome con yesterday was!

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