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(kinda?) finished up a sketch I posted on twitter a few days ago. 

Finished version of last nights 4 AM “what are we still doing awake” stream.
Im pretty sure I fell asleep at some point during this stream. oop


I meant to use this for the tutorial…and realized half way through that I forgot to take screen caps. (ノ´д`)hhhhuuuu

debated whether or not to post this, but I just thought I would to show all the details that get lost when I make them a .gif.

( and I knew it. I knew a new god tier would show up by the time I finished this. I am seer of frustration. (#`д´)ノ )

done. yes. good night. ヽ(´□` )ノ

tried redrawing this panel, but wow that background…. nah man, nah.

Photoset because why not.

two more ladies to go~